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The jClassicRPG is a single player role playing game with an intent to bring back the essence of classic games like Wizardry 7 or Bard's Tale with a grain (or spoonful) of 'innovation' salt in it. It features the classic first person view plus 6 direction movement system in an OpenGL 3D environment, with a party of up to 6 characters and turn based combat . The state of development is alpha test phase - which means nothing is set in stone, but a lot of features and gameplay elements are already there. The target platforms are Linux, Windows, MacOSX (last one less tested).

Game Concept

The primary goal (though reaching it will be a longer time) is to create an open ended game with such possible win situations as becoming all-powerful, bring global social harmony to the world and other similarly generic situations. Meanwhile reaching this highest goal of game development, it's also intended to create the classic exploring/fighting style basic layer of the game to make it enjoyable at an earlier stage of completeness. Primarily the world is set up with algorithm based generation - its geography, ecology, population is generated with a random seed when starting a new game. Ecology and population is aimed to be dynamic and interrelated to give a living and surprising experiment. Strongly skill and attribute based, turn based combat/social interaction, player commanding a party (up to 6 characters), character leveling based on experience point. It's being created with the intention to follow and modify the tradition of such games as Wizardry 7, Bard's Tale, Dune 1. The basic setting of the world is that of the classic medieval fantasy genre - blades, magic and social skills. The player is to manage a group of characters battleing, socializing, trading through. He/she can create characters by his/her own will, choosing from a set of races, professions, and setting up the attribute and skill levels. Explore the world, take quests, decide which groups, nations to help, achieve your self chosen goals. Two main intended aspects of the game should be accentuated here: dynamism (economic, strategic and ecological) and the option of peaceful gameplay (with the help of so called social skills that can neutralize your foes).

Helping the project

The development of the game is open-source, bazaar-like, community based, especially in the area of content. Advancing further is being achieved through contributions of many talented people. The project is using GNU LGPLv3 license for the program code; CC-BY-SA, GPL, LGPL and other such licenses for the content on a per piece basis. The main programming language of the game is Java, and is founded on the openGL/openAL engine called Ardor3D. Potential contributors should visit the jClassicRPG forum to be able to submit content and the wiki to review what's currently needed. You can keep track of the main development events at the lead developer blog. Donations can be done at the blog as well through paypal.

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